Concert with Francesca Santangelo (Italy)
 Percussion Festival  General Roca, Rio Negro, Argentina. 
June, 24 2009. Performing a duo improvisation

Hugh concert flyers..........Beijing,China   june 7, 2009

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Improvisation titled: <Time and Space>

Improvisation titled: <Fingers and Cajon>

Performing <Go Between>  with the Jiaxun Percussion Ensemble

Improvisation titled: <Soundtable>

Improvisation titled: <covered>

  2009  RELEASED:  the CD "LIVE", Solo album with new compositions and improvisations for

  marimba  and vibraphone, recorded live at the Klangraum Jazz Festival Mainz 2008. stead of the required mallet instruments for the concert in Xalapa with Jesús Reyes... a lot of improvised musical fun....november 17

2008, Xalapa - Mexico

Sharing an improvised piece at a concert with <Percunicach> of Chiapas at the Music Festival of Tapachula-Mexico, november 13, 2008

Concert with Swiss Alppan Duo, Oct 18 2008 Zofingen, Switzerland

Concert and presentation at the 6th International Percussion Festival General Roca, Rio Negro-Argentina,

27th of June 2008.

Concert at Notorious Jazz Club, Buenos Aires-Argentina, July 1st 2008 with Horacio Staijer (Arg), Luchetti (Arg) and Tom Teasley (USA).

Joining  the last impovised piece during the concert of Anders Åstrand (Swe) and Evaristo Aquilar (Mex) at the 6th Fermo Percussion Festival September 3, 2008

The Marimba solo <Filigree> has been choosen by Gijsbert Zwart to be part of the concert program 2008 -  2009 in the Netherlands of the dutch

percussion group <Slagerij van Kampen>.   Filigree will be performed by Gijsbert himself.

Josep Vicent, Lalo and Mike Schäperclaus at my booth during Pasic november 2004 Nashville,


The marimba Solo   Capriccio Cristallina  has been choosen for the 1st round in the < 5th World Marimba Competition > - Germany - september 20 - 28   2008

© ruud wiener  2010

playing a balkan improvisation during a concert with Urs Wiesner at his studio
may 29   2010  
Ramlinsburg -Switzerland

Go Between  was performed during the festival < Noches de San Pedro > by the students of the conservatory of Sanlucar la Mayor, director Inaki Martin

july 15th  2010     Valencia  - Spain

Go Beyond   was premiered in the USA by Towson University Percussion Ensemble, director Patrick Roulet

may 1st  2010   Towson / Pennsylvania

f l t r:    Saverio Tasca, Anders Ästrand, ALEKSANDRA WASEK (1st price winner vibraphone) and me.

Fermo, Giornata della Percussione, Settembre 2008

with Saverio Tasca, Luigi Morleo, Anders Ästrand, John Beck, Momoko Kamiya, Paolo Cimmino, Evaristo Aguilar, Ruud Wiener

recently published:

<Fragile memories>, Solo for Vibraphone with optional piano accompaniment,

dedicated to the memory of Jan Pustjens (1946-2011).

<Oriental Journey>, and  <Dreams>,  Marimba Recital series no 1 & no 2, Solo for Marimba with piano accompaniment,

dedicated to my daughter Aninya.

Duo Concert with Urs Wiesner at the

Vibraphone Festival  - Theater <Stok>

march 31st  2011    Zurich - Switzerland 

With the members of the marimba jury Naoko Takada, Claudio Santangelo, Emmanuel Séjourné, festival director Antonio Santangelo, and the members of the vibraphone jury, me,

Andrei Pushkarev, Piotr Lachert.

Fermo, Giornata della Percussione, Settembre 2010

with 1st marimba prize winner Kana Omori

Fermo, Giornata della Percussione, Settembre 2008.

after dinner with:

Carmelo, Hans Beurskens, Maria Vittorio, John Beck, Saverio Tasca, Paolo Cimmino, Angel Frette, me, Ludwig Albert and festival’s president Antonio Santangelo

The final ensemble improvisaton < water music > during the concert with  percussion students and teachers from the <Universidad de las Artes>,

Havana - Cuba

Nov 18, 2011

Some impressions of improvised pieces (based on my concepts <music and language> and <how to learn improvisation> from the final concert with teachers and students at the <Universidad de las Artes> Havana, Cuba - November 18,  2011

Fermo - Italy, Giornata della Percussione, Settembre 2011

Handed over a career award, designed by sculptor Antonio lo Mele, 2nd from left.

with Maria Vittorio and Antonio Santangelo.

Evening improvisation with Emmanuel Séjourné.

Sharing a booth with Frank Epstein Percussion and

Edith Habraken.

At PASIC Austin nov 1-3   2012

My daughter Anaïs next to me, Edith Habraken,

Frank Epstein and Kana Omori.

Kana Omori received the first copy of “Capriccio Grazioso”,

which is dedicated to her.

Clinic (Music and Language) at the University of Central Florida Orlando hosted by Jeffrey Moore and Thad Anderson, Nov 6  2012.

My new composition

<Marimba Harp Fantasy>,   dedicated to the Duo Modarp from Budapest, Hungary, 

was (world) premiered  5th of May 2013 in Szeged during the festival

<Spring Harp Days>. 

The Budapest premiere was played 8th of May.

Beijing July 22 2013,  2nd Marimba Arts Festival

Italy PAS Percussion Days   Sept 24 - 29 2013

Just released / nov 2013

New compositions for Marimba by several composers performed by

Kana Omori.

The score of

<Capriccio Grazioso> is also available

First Edition of the International Percussion Festival and Competition - Torrazza Coste, Italy  July 9 - 14 2014

Masterclass and creative concert -  Saint Petersburg, Russia    June 6  2014

PAS Italy   Days of Percussion  Montesilvano    23 - 28 september 2014

the juries and prize winners