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  1. *CD Title: Blue Snow

  2. *Year: 1998

* Record Label: Klang Raum Records

  1. *Musicians: Ruud Wiener   (marimba) & Urs Wiesner   (vibes)

* Favorite Track:   Blue Tango

  1. *Review:

Marimba and Vibes, what a beautiful combination. Intricate detail between the two instruments are evident throughout. Wiener and Wiesner share both instruments.
"Report" kicks off the CD with a slow, pensive sound that wavers for a while before taking shape into a wondrous melody and interplay between marimba and vibes. The second piece, "Propellerbaum" is a more adventurous excursion with many percussive overlaps that encapsulate the listener.
A beautiful piece with many possibilities. The warm and engaging sounds of these instruments is evident on "My Spanish Past". Starting off as a fast waltz, and then opening into an exploration in colors and rhythm (true hallmarks of the marimba and vibes). No need for any additional help, these two are quite capable of captivating the listener, and opening up a whole other world of beauty and excitement. Those familiar with Gary Burton's work, will enjoy this recording. Wiener and Wiesner capture that delicate, and yet percussive beauty that has been Burton's signature.
There have been many exciting vibes recordings as of late, and this is one of them that you should give a listen to. You will probably want to explore all of the other vibes and marimba players over the years who have graced the mallets of these fine instruments (Terry Gibbs, Milt Jackson, Dave Pike, Teddy Charles and many others).

* Reviewed by:   Randy McElligott / Ottawa - april 1999

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